Power IGF Dietary Supplement Reviews

Power IGF is a supplement that helps in enhancing HGH levels in the body of a male. This has Antler velvet as its main ingredient. Antler Velvet covers your growing bones and cartilage (rigid yet lithe connective tissues) that develops in deer antlers. Worldwide, it is used as medicine for wide range of health issues. This is especially used to boost endurance, strength and also enhance your immune system. This also contains multiple substances including sex hormone estradiol and helps grow new cells (according to my research about this component). And that is the reason this supplement has been created while using the same extract. Power IGF contain richness of deer antler velvet and can help you get many advantages. I like the supplement a lot and after detailed research, I am here to share a review on the same…

Know more about this Miraculous Supplement!

Power IGF is one of the top supplements that is easily and legally accessible. This is made of the finest natural sources that are found in natural environment; Antler Velvet is extracted from the antler racks. This supplement helps maximize your muscle development (according to the makers). There are no side effects and that is the reason why many men all over the world are using Power IGF. If their reviews are to be believed, then this supplement not only helps in increasing energy, but also helps in over-all growth of the body.


Well, I’m not sure about all the ingredients that are used in it but they are natural. Power IGF is loaded with IGF-1, the incredible element accountable for the rapid cellular creation and escalation that produces massive antler racks within little time. The main compound is deer antler velvet and some essential vitamins. During the processing of the supplement, no deer was harmed and that is why the supplement is also approved by the Government. With regular use, Power IGF can change your whole body (as per the proud users).

How Does the Supplement Function?

You might not know about this, but our bodies naturally create little amount of the same IGF-1 in reaction to growth hormone discharge in the blood, but it doesn’t last for so long. So, this supplement promotes and produce good amount of IGF-1 and Growth Hormone within few minutes. Power IGF increases blood circulation in body that is responsible for faster muscle growth. When more and more blood is pumped to the muscles, they receive ingredients essential for their growth and in turn, help you be a strong man with a desired body shape. This is the reason, Power IGF is a must have supplement for all men out there.

I’ Happy and Satisfied with it…

  • It gives you masculine and hard body
  • Reduce body fat faster
  • Helps you stay longer in gym and bed
  • Increase energy levels and endurance

Things that Disappointed me…

  • Availability is an issue (only in Australia)
  • Not approved by FDA (a definite drawback)

I Liked the Offer!

I’m not sure if you‘ll still get the same offer but when I placed my order I got a nice scheme. I bought two packs of Power IGF and got one bottle free. And yea, this site is completely protected and safe for online shopping. And few more things I liked…

  • Get 30 days refund guarantee
  • Absolutely natural and safe
  • No synthetic compounds
  • Clinically proven

Guess, all this makes Power IGF a must buy product. 

When Do Results Appear?

With regular dosage of Power IGF, you can easily begin getting results within a month in form of better energy and feeling. Apart from that, if you have a bulky body then, give Power IGF some time and let it slowly melt away the existing fat and then enjoy body building results. Moreover, to enhance results, keep following regular workout routine, eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

Side Effects?

I’m not sure about it. I’ve got no bad effects because I checked with my doctor before using Power IGF and I’ll suggest you the same. On the other hand, if you are still under 18, stay away please. If taking blood thinning medicines or seeing doctor for some health issues, wait for a while, ask your doctor or health trainer and then begin its use. It is always better to do such things under expert supervision so that nothing regretful happens. As a matter of fact, Power IGF is all safe to be used.

Where to Buy?

This is easily available at the online store of Power IGF.